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To make things easier we have joined the websites together to make one. . . for Youtube, video editing, uploads, paid for links and websites plus hosting services

New to acting or you have lots of previous experience? Actors List a place you're always welcome. We work on new projects & have existing clients we provide advertising media. Walk on extras, non speaking, catalogue photo shoots, production of show reels, photographic portfolios plus a fully equipped recording studio. We offer in house editing & sound crew. All working as a team gets the highest results possible. We work World-Wide so no matter where you live its worth while join Actors List Actors Wanted, Models Wanted Dancers Wanted Singers Wanted Artists Wanted. New Projects, Short Movies Art Projects, Voice overs Walk On Parts Non Speaking Extras.


Do you make content on YouTube?

Become a member of our Youtube Group.

We offer a special service for new content makers on YouTube. We work with a graphic design team and have video editors plus Musicians to produce intros and copyright free music and tracks to use. Are you thinking about starting to make content on YouTube then we have lot's of ways to help you get started. 

Actors & Models  two in one

What ever media sized project you have, contact Actors List for a updated list of people who are able to work at short notice, on small or big projects. 

Show Reels Created 

Publish your Show Reel with us, we have video editing plus  a range of copyright free music and audio tracks.

Easy,  Simple to Use Websites

Just drop in or a view of our actors and models. Let us kown the project or casting requirements you have and we will help with selections. 


Over 400 Amazing Actors

Actors for avderts , video and many more.

Mobile Friendly Sites

We ake sure our sites are working on all the top platforms.  gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

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